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ChaseWind Smart Ride glasses


Cycling smart glasses

Sensors Wireless Connectivity

The sensors connect with the device by Bluetooth BLE and ANT+.




chasewind smart glasses ride bike


Just a Glance

ChaseWind smart glasses displays data of heart rate, gear, speed, cadense, and power retrieved from the sencors on the bike through specialized bluetooth connector.

With customized UI design, users control riding conditions just a glance and enjoy beyond any riding experiece.

chasewind smart glasses ride bike data

ChaseWind Co. Ltd, is a innovative design company that aims to provide the best smart sport and healthcare devices. We are current designing cycling smart glasses which provides a HUD interface, health management software, video streaming and cloud services.


Our company vision is to create a healthy and joyful lifestyle for people, and we are dedicated to inspiring communities to create a smart and convenient world.


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